Fees and Charges Working Group

Minutes of the Fees & Charges Working Group of Costessey Town Council, held on
Friday 14 October 2016 at 10.30am in the Costessey Centre, Longwater Lane,
Costessey, NR8 5AH. Minutes – FCWG 14.10.16
Present: Cllrs P O’Connor (Chair), G Blundell, J Amis, H Elias (Town Clerk), N Bailey (Deputy
Clerk) D Bowles (Assistant Clerk) Martin Matthews (Chairman, Costessey Sports Assn)
To receive apologies for absence
FC001/16: Apologies were accepted from Cllrs S Blundell (Governor training)
To Elect a Chairman
FC002/16: In her absence Cllr S Blundell was elected as Chairman, although the Working Group
only tend to meet once a year. Cllr O’Connor was elected as Chairman for this meeting.
To receive substitutes from Committee Members unable to attend
FC003/16: Cllr G Blundell for Cllr S Blundell & Cllr J Amis for Cllr S Burton.
FC004/16: Thank you to Nigel Bailey for all the preparation work prior to meeting.
To receive declarations of interest
FC005/16: None declared.
To consider pitch hire fees for 2017/18
FC006/16: The Chairman of Costessey Sports Association gave a verbal report on the organisation
and gave an update of its aims and objectives. The organisation has a successful development
programme delivered by dedicated volunteers. They welcome membership from other sports, but
the current football managers who drive its success are at capacity. 2 youth teams are part of the
group delivering football in the community. The Chairman thanked Costessey Sports for their work
in the community.
FC007/16: The Deputy Clerk explained the background to the fees structure and provided a
comparison chart. All football pitch hire was arranged via Costessey Sports with the exception of
West End veterans managed by Danny Cramp whose team finished playing at the end of last
season. If a replacement club starts Martin Matthews has agreed to notify the Town Council as a
separate contract is required for non-members of Costessey Sports Assn.
RECOMMENDATION TO FULL COUNCIL: Approve pitch hire fees with no increase from last
year for football pitch hires via Costessey Sports, and a £440 inc vat per season fee for clubs
not associated with them. £100 inc vat Ground Hire fee per day for exclusive use of all
pitches. No Fee for the boot camp initiative, but enforce Ground Rule. £10.00 inc vat for hire
of a changing room. No outdoor Bouncy Castles or similar permitted on any CTC grounds
with the exception of annual Fete & Costessey Sports Tournament as they will be supervised
by outdoor bouncy castle staff.
FC008/16: Martin Matthews left the meeting at 11:10am
To consider and set burial & memorial fees for 2017-18
FC009/16: A comparison chart of fees and suggestions for a small increase in certain
circumstances were considered.
RECOMMENDATION TO FULL COUNCIL: Approve fees from 1 April 2017 as per officer
Fees & Charges WG 14/10/16
To discuss and set hall hire fees for 2017-18
FC010/16: The Deputy Clerk referred to his report and explained the proposal. Projected income from hall hire has exceeded expectations, but commission from bars has dipped slightly on last year. A small amendment was made to the charges at West Costessey Hall (Dinneen Room). No changes to rates for regular hirers except corporate hire. Private one off hirers will see an increase. No proposal to increase Saturday night rates to try to encourage use and potentially increase revenue from bar commission.
RECOMMENDATION TO FULL COUNCIL: Approve fees from 1 April 2017 as per comparison chart
FC011/16: The meeting finished at 11:37am
FC012/16: The date of next meeting to be confirmed
Chairman: Date: