Full Council – Tuesday 6 November 2018 7pm

Costessey Town Council
Hilary Elias, Town Clerk Tel: 01603 742958 e: info@costesseytc.org @Costesseytc 30 October 2018
NOTICE is hereby given that a Meeting of Costessey Town Council will be held on Tuesday 6 November 2018 at 7pm at The Costessey Centre, Longwater Lane, Costessey, Norwich. NR8 5AH
Members of the public are most welcome to attend
To transact the business below, receive the following reports & to make such orders or give such directions as necessary:
1 To receive Apologies
2 To receive Declarations of Interest
3 To confirm the minutes of the Meeting of the Council held at 7pm on 16 October 2018
4 To receive Committee minutes and consider recommendations
5 To receive updates on matters in the minutes not listed below (NO resolutions)
6 To make recommendations on planning applications, and receive information on appeals
& other planning matters
a) Planning applications for consideration:
i) 2018/2176: Certificate of Lawfulness: Spring View, Longwater Lane, NR5 0TD – Certificate of lawful use for an existing single dwelling – Request for relevant information
ii) 2018/2202: AMENDED – Mrs S Humphries – Greggs at Longwater Retail Park Car Park, Alex Moorhouse Way – Installation of new air conditioning condenser units and extract grilles by
1 November 2018. (Extension granted)
iii) 2018/2203: Mrs S Humphries – Greggs at Longwater Retail Park Car Park, Alex Moorhouse Way – Two internally illuminated fascia signs and two internal posters – by 1 November 2018 Extension granted)
iv) 2018/2241: RETROSPECTIVE Mr N Linford-Hazell – 72 West End, NR8 5AJ – Retention of replacement windows (by 7 November)
v) 2018/2230: RETROSPECTIVE – Mr D Davidson – 131, Longwater Lane, NR5 0TY – Retention of shed – by 8 November 2018.
vi) 2018/2287: Mr & Mrs T Roper – 14 Ashtree Road, NR5 0LS – To convert and extend a garage into a single storey one-bedroom dwelling – by 12 November 2018
vii) 2018/2294: Mr M Kerrison – 138, The Street, NR8 5DG – Erection of summerhouse by
13 November 2018.
viii) 2018/2309: Longwater Gravel Company Ltd – Longwater Gravel, William Frost Way, NR5 0JS
Change of use of land for open storage of building materials and ancillary items in connection with existing builders’ merchants land aggregates merchants premises (restrospective) by
15 November 2018.
ix) 2018/2327: Longwater Construction Supplies Ltd – Longwater Construction, William Frost Way, NR5 0JS – New showroom / design centre.- by 16 November
x) 2018/2352: Mr P Wiley – 76 Gunton Lane, NR5 0AG – Detached recreational building & garage – by 15 November 2018.
xi) NCC: C/7/2018/7011: EMR Yard, Ernest Gage Avenue, Longwater Industrial Estate, NR5 0TL: Variation of Condition 1 of PP C/7/2016/7006 to extend temporary change of use of land from scrap metal recycling yard to overnight HGV parking for the transfer of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) bales until 21 September 2021: FCC Environment (UK) Limited – by 6 November
b) Information & Planning decisions received from South Norfolk & Norfolk County Councils: (*Information only. (No decisions needed) See separate sheet.
c) Consultations:2176
i) Greater Norwich Local Plan – Reg 18 Consultation now live: www.gnlp.org.uk
7 To adjourn the meeting for a maximum of 15 minutes’ public participation
8 To consider and act on Finance Matters (See also confidential items)
a) To approve invoice from Ben Burgess Ltd of £21,500 plus VAT for purchase of Tractor
b) To approve the sale of John Deere Tractor AU05HFH for £6,500 plus VAT
c) To approve the sale of a McConnell PA 27 Hedge Trimmer for £1200 plus VAT
d) To consider the purchase of land at Kestrel Avenue:
9 To receive District Councillors’ Reports
10 To consider Standing Orders
a) To amend CTC’s Standing Orders in light of the new model: (See draft):
b) To consider whether or not to suspend the Standing Orders with immediate effect:
11 To consider the Fete 2019 including the Business Plan
12 To consider the post of Honorary Archivist
13 To consider the Queen’s Hills park CIO documents and that the postal address be the Town Council offices
14 To consider Highways Matters
15 To receive correspondence (Verbal and written)
a) Request to second a motion at Norfolkalc AGM re local councils paying Non-Domestic rates on community buildings
b) NCC Children’s Centres Consultation: deadline 12 November 2018
16 To raise matters of strategic importance (for discussion only – No resolutions)
17 To confirm the date of the next meeting as Tuesday 27 November 2018 at 7pm in The Costessey Centre