Greenhills Woods

The Council manages several areas of woodland which can be accessed from various points in Costessey. Tree inspections take place on a regular basis, but walkers should contact us with any concerns. Our emergency numbers are on our website and a recorded message on our telephone system. In June we applied to the Forestry Commission for a licence to fell a hectare of Corsican Pine trees in Greenhills Woods on safety grounds, as they are over 60 years old and beyond their ecological life span. We are exploring ideas to maybe create a new glade with a bench and will contact residents in the close proximity of the woods with our plans. Details will be discussed at Council meetings which the public is always welcome to attend.

UPDATE 13th OCTOBER 2018   

The Town Council and its Contractor apologise for the delay with the felling of the 0.99 hectare of Corsican Pine at Greenhills Woods and will arrange for the necessary machinery to return as soon as it is available.

It’s estimated that the remaining 25% of the Corsican Pine will take nearly two weeks to fell and, as before, these will be transported from the top of the woodland and stacked along a temporary access point.
The sale of the first consignment of logs was delayed in order to find a better deal for the Town Council. We appreciate leaving them on site for a while didn’t appear to be good practice, but they were stored in an area set aside for this purpose and with no impact on the woodlands use.

Nearly £6,000 was received by the Town Council last month for the sale of the logs. A ‘good deal’ was negotiated in order to mitigate the costs associated with the felling, which is funded by Costessey Council Tax Payers.  The stock was being valued at £1k to £2k from local saw mills, as Corsican Pine is not a high grade timber. Fortunately the recipient of the 3.3 metre logs wants more, and is now happy to take any size/any condition which will hopefully produce a better return for local Tax payers.

The ruts left by machinery will be levelled before re-planting. They look unsightly, but in the main these are limited to the central felling area and there has been no impact on many of the frequently used paths around the perimeter. There has been no impact on The Glade, which is of course a special feature.

The Contractor hasn’t required the trailer left on site for other jobs, but appreciates a trailer left in the same position for weeks sends out the wrong message, and supports the complaints around the lack of progress.  One of the early delays was whilst we sought advice on creating a temporary access point from Townhouse Road, near to the bus shelter. This ensured the main entrance off Townhouse Road was still safe,  useable and didn’t need to be altered to allow access for certain machinery.

The Town Council is committed to making every effort to ensure the site is safe and useable as a community woodland when felling is not in progress. Other contractors were approached, but many advised that the access was too restrictive or they were simply used to working in large woodlands, bigger enough for areas to be made ‘out of bounds’ without impacting on use.
Nigel Bailey, Deputy Clerk

h Oct 2018


Please do not attempt to access the woods if the entrances are fenced off.

Notices will be displayed THIS MAY INCLUDE WEEKEND WORK.  


Nov 2016 – Preparatory work started with the woods closed for public access at certain times.

Dec 2016 – Felling started in accordance with the Forestry Commission Licence and will continue through to 28 Feb 2017. A space needs to be cleared for a Harvester.

21 Jan 2017 Representatives from the Town Council attended the site on Friday  and were satisfied with progress. A update will be sent to dwellings in the vicinity of the woods towards the end of the month. Look out for a shorter update in the next Costessey Contact newsletter and visit this page of our website for more updates.

Leaflet delivered to 300 dwellings in the vicinity mid Feb 17. Click here GHWOOD Pg 1 GHWOOD Pg 2

23 Feb 2017 Storm Doris damaged and blew down some exposed trees. The total cost to the Council was £840 for call outs, inspections and emergency works.

28 Feb 2017 – Felling stops in accordance with the Licence

18 July 2017 – Town Council meets to consider options for disposal of debris and decides to allow the contractor to burn the waste in accordance with relevant D7 Exemption.

18 Aug 2017 

Leaflet being delivered mid August to 300 dwellings in the vicinity Click here pg1 pg2

updated 10am on 14 September 2017

Controlled burning of debris will take place on 14 & 15 Sept. Contractors will remain on site throughout. Authorities are aware including the Fire Brigade, District Council, Police & Norwich Airport. 

Greenhills Woods Update Nov 2017

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