Greenhills Woods

The Council manages several areas of woodland which can be accessed from various points in Costessey. Tree inspections take place on a regular basis, but walkers should contact us with any concerns. Our emergency numbers are on our website and a recorded message on our telephone system. In June we applied to the Forestry Commission for a licence to fell a hectare of Corsican Pine trees in Greenhills Woods on safety grounds, as they are over 60 years old and beyond their ecological life span. We are exploring ideas to maybe create a new glade with a bench and will contact residents in the close proximity of the woods with our plans. Details will be discussed at Council meetings which the public is always welcome to attend.

Please do not attempt to access the woods if the entrances are fenced off.

Notices will be displayed THIS MAY INCLUDE WEEKEND WORK.  

November 2016 – Preparatory work started with the woods closed for public access at certain times.

December 2016 – Felling started in accordance with the Forestry Commission Licence and will continue through to 28 Feb 2017

January 2017 –  Work continues as weather dictates and is on schedule to continue through to end Feb 2017. Representatives from the Town Council attended the site on Friday 21 Jan 2017 and were satisfied with progress. A update will be sent to dwellings in the vicinity of the woods towards the end of the month. Look out for a shorter update in the next Costessey Contact newsletter and visit this page of our website for more updates.

Update 28 Feb 2017Greenhills Woods Update

See a copy of our Conditions felling Licence

Map showing extent of works

Leaflet being delivered mid Feb. to 300 dwellings in the vicinity. GHWOOD1 GHWOOD2