Full Council -Tuesday 26 June 2018 7pm

Hilary Elias, Town Clerk Tel: 01603 742958  e: info@costesseytc.org  @Costesseytc  18 June 2018

NOTICE is hereby given that a Meeting of Costessey Town Council will be held on Tuesday 26 June 2018 at 7pm in the Costessey Centre, Longwater Lane, Costessey, NR8 5AH. 

Members of the public are most welcome to attend


To transact the business below, receive the following reports & to make such orders or give such directions as necessary: 

1 To receive Apologies

2 To receive Declarations of Interest

3 To confirm the minutes of the Meeting of the Council held at 7pm on 5 June 2018

4 To receive Committee minutes and consider recommendations

  1. a) Minutes of the Property & Environment Committee Meeting of 19 June
  2. b) Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting held on Friday 22 June 2018 (see 10 below)

5 To receive updates on matters in the minutes not listed below (NO resolutions)

6 To make recommendations on planning applications, and receive information on appeals

& other planning matters

  1. a) Planning applications for consideration:
  2. i) 2018/1213 – Mr & Mrs J De’ath – 49 Stafford Avenue, NR5 0QE – 2 storey extension to rear of dwelling and alterations to existing garage to form playroom in roof space
  3. ii) 2018/1287: Mr Cowles – 110 Norwich Road, NR5 0EH – Extensions to front and rear, garage to rear and new dropped kerb for vehicular access to front – by 5 July 2018.

iii) 2018/1313: Mr J Last – Lodge Farm Phase 2 Development Dereham Road – Variation of condition 32 – approved plans for Hopkins Homes site of permission 2013/0567/F – Taylor Wimpey to develop both sites – by 9 July 2018.

iv) 2018/1322: Mr & Mrs P Howard – 13 Oval Road, NR5 0DF – Extensions and alterations to existing bungalow by 5 July 2018.

v) 2018/1358: Mr W Rutland – The Firs Folgate Lane, NR8 5DH – Flat roof extension and lean to carport – by 10 July 2018.

vi) Hornsea Project Three: Offshore Windfarm Information

vii) 2018/1110: Mr A Guerin – 91 Norwich Road, NR5 0AA – Change of use from mixed use to solely residential use with internal and external alterations – by 10 July 2018.

viii) 2018/1167: Mr Mrs Rose – 138 Dereham Road, NR5 0SX – Single storey front extension – by 10 July 2018.

b) Information & Planning decisions received from South Norfolk & Norfolk County Councils: (*Information only. (No decisions needed) See separate sheet.

7 To adjourn the meeting for a maximum of 15 minutes’ public participation

8 To consider and act on Finance Matters

  1. a) To approve the accounts for May 2018 and receive a budget report:
  2. b) To approve payment of the Titanium Fireworks invoice for £2,500 + VAT

9 To receive District Councillors’ Reports

10 To approve the amended four-year plan 2015-19

11 To consider the updates and offer from SNC on the 226 Streetlights

12 To consider Highways Matters

  1. a) Parish Partnerships 2019-20: (see documents)
  2. b) Beaumont Road Footway Reconstruction:

13 To receive correspondence (Verbal and written)

  1. a) Police Update & Crime Figures:

14 To raise matters of strategic importance (for discussion only – No resolutions)

15 To confirm the date of the next meeting as Tuesday 17 July 2018