Town Council

The Town Council owns and manages the Costessey Centre, West Costessey Hall, Breckland Hall, the Owen Barnes Room, Breckland Recreation Ground, Longwater Recreation Ground, Gunton Lane Recreation Ground, Bunkers Hill Woodland, Greenhills Wood, Husenbeth Close Play Area and open space, Breydon Drive open space, the Cemetery and the Roundwell Monument. It maintains St Edmund’s Churchyard, the allotments and various other smaller areas such as the green on which the Village sign stands. More open spaces will be transferred to the Town Council in the future; we feel at a local level we are best placed to look after them and respond quickly to issues that arise.
Full Council considers every planning application submitted in Costessey; is consulted on a huge range of local and national issues and is dedicated to serving the community. We are very proud of the facilities we manage and are always seeking to improve these by earmarking reserves and obtaining grants for specific projects.